Meet Your Executive Team

Mark Swenson

Deputy State Treasurer Arizona

Mark Swenson first joined the Treasurer’s Office in January 2007. In his role as Deputy, Mark represents the Office in the Treasurer’s absence and oversees and directs several departments including Investment Management, Investment Accounting, AZ529 Plan, Legal, Government Relations and Communications. Mark’s Departments are responsible for investing and accounting for about $23 billion in investments and interacting with local governments, the Legislature and the general public. Mark has held senior executive positions for elected officials in state government for more than 27 years, including five State Treasurers, three Senate Presidents, and five Senate Majority Leaders. . Mark  is a graduate of the University of Arizona.


Jackie Harding

Deputy State Treasurer Operations Arizona

Jackie Harding first joined the State of Arizona in October 2014 in the General Accounting Office of the Arizona Department of Administration. She began serving in the Banking Division of the Treasurer’s Office in November 2016 helping state agencies become more efficient in making and receiving payments to the Treasury. In October 2017, Jackie was promoted to Banking Manager for State Agency banking services, which include assisting agencies in establishing and accurately maintaining their account with the Treasury. She oversees the daily operations of Treasury Banking staff and uses her knowledge of the Arizona statewide accounting system to help automate and improve Treasury banking procedures.  In November 2018, Jackie became the Assistant Deputy Treasurer.  Prior to her service to the State of Arizona, she spent more than 21 years in retail banking. Jackie is an Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University.


Fareed Bailey

Deputy Assistant Director

Fareed Bailey joined the Treasurer’s Office in January 2019 as Director of Legislative Affairs, managing the Treasury’s legislative and state budget agenda and serving as its primary point of contact with the Legislature, Governor’s Office, state and local government agencies, and relevant stakeholder groups. In October 2020, he assumed the additional responsibility of serving as the Administrator of the $2 billion AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan, following the program's transfer to the Treasury from another state agency. In October 2021, Fareed was promoted to Deputy Assistant Director. Prior to the Treasurer’s Office, Fareed spent six years on the nonpartisan Research Staff of the Arizona State Senate, serving as the Research Analyst for a number of legislative committees, including Financial Institutions, Federalism, Mandates and Fiscal Responsibility, and Finance.  Fareed is a graduate of Arizona State University and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.