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Choose from the following areas that the Arizona Treasury works with to see the investment performance.

We protect, manage, and invest taxpayer money. Safe investing of public funds is our #1 priority. The Treasurer has over $31.2 Billion under management and stewards the cash management of Arizona’s $64.7 Billion state budget. Money comes into the Treasury through state and local taxes and fees paid by Arizonans and through the sale of state-owned land. These assets are entrusted to the Treasurer as the state’s investment officer. The Treasury invests assets in high-quality fixed-income and equity products. Our staff investment specialists monitor markets and work to maximize the state’s return on investment without compromising safety. All the while, the Treasurer maintains liquidity to meet cash flows. We help state agencies facilitate withdrawals of funds assigned to them, and we distribute funds to local governments, public schools, and other entities as required by state law.

Safety before Liquidity before Yield Web

Education Endowment Report

Local Government Investment Report

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