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Arizona Report of Bonded Indebtedness

Beginning with the report for fiscal year 2017, the Arizona Department of Administration is responsible for collecting annual Report of Indebtedness and Report of Bond and Security Issuance Forms for all issues of bonds or other securities issued for a term in excess of one year by the state, county, city, town, school district, irrigation district or other political subdivisions within the State of Arizona. Please contact for any questions involving the FY 2017 report. You can also call Michael Williams at 602-542-2397, or Amy Aeppli at 602-542-5408.

The Arizona State Treasurer’s office was responsible for collecting the data for these reports for Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016. For any questions for those two years, please contact

For FY 2014 and earlier, Arizona political subdivisions reported outstanding debt to the Arizona Department of Revenue and a report was prepared on the information collected. Select a report below to review the details of the report.

Report of Bonded Indebtedness Contact Information

If you have any questions on reports for FY 2014 or earlier, please contact the Department of Revenue listed below:

Cities or Towns / Special Districts
Darlene Teller (602) 716-6436 –

Community College Districts
Debbie MacNeil (602) 716-6105 –

Counties (Both Forms)
School Districts (Bonded Indebtedness Form 10964 only)

Elaine Smith (602) 716-6924 –

School Districts (Lease Purchase Form 10968 only)
Caitlin Wooten (602) 716-6072-

State Agencies and Universities
Duong Nguyen (602) 716-6048-

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