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Each year the State of Arizona spends BILLIONS of your tax dollars from hundreds of different sources. As a taxpayer, you have the right to know what the state is doing with your money. provides daily status and monthly comparisons of money available to pay for essential state services in the State Operating Cash Balance. Daily Operating Cash Balance data is available from July 2009, and average monthly Operating Cash Balance is available since July 1990 (prior records are not available). also provides you with detailed information on how the State is spending your money and how much they are receiving from all sources, including the federal government. This data is just as it appears in the official state accounting system and will eventually become part of the Annual Financial Report for the State of Arizona. contains hundreds of accounting categories for revenues and expenditures (objects) and a more detailed breakdown under each object (comptroller objects). This data is provided on a statewide and by agency basis. This spending data is captured each month from data collected and stored by the General Accounting Office of the Department of Administration. It will be updated each month as new data is available.

If you have questions regarding a specific revenue or expenditure item, please contact that agency directly. An agency directory can be found here:

Thank you for visiting We continually strive to improve this transparency tool and welcome you to send feedback to


Kimberly Yee
State Treasurer

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