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What is the Local Government Investment Pool? 

Local Governments may  deposit money with the Treasurer for investment. These funds are invested in the Local Government Investment Pools (LGIP). These deposits are voluntary, but provide many benefits to local governments. The Treasurer’s office pools LGIP investments with other funds to provide greater liquidity and greater yield than possible on their own, and the Treasurer’s Office provides this service at a much lower cost than other options. The Pools were established under A.R.S. §35-326 and the activity and performance of the pools are reviewed monthly by the State Board of Investment in accordance with A.R.S. §35-311.

LGIP offers 100% liquidity to its participants.

LGIP’s investment objectives are:

  • Safety of principal

  • Maintaining adequate liquidity to meet cash flows

  • Providing a competitive interest rate relative to other comparable investment alternatives

Local governments that are eligible to join are: cities and towns, counties, special taxing districts, municipal corporations, community and technical colleges, tribal governments, and four-year universities. Today LGIP Participants include:

  • 82 Cities & Towns

  • 48 Special Taxing Districts

  • 11 Counties

  • 7 Community Colleges & Universities

  • 5 State Agencies

  • Tribal Government

  • State Operating Fund

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