LGIP Account Maintenance

Update Account Information

  • To change, modify, or remove authorized signatories for an account, you must submit an official signed letter on Treasury letterhead to lgip@aztreasury.gov requesting the update. 

  • To change an address, the primary mailing contact or any other non-crucial information, please send an email from the authorized signer requesting any changes that need to be made. 

Access to the Online Web Portal

  • The online web portal allows users to enter in transactions, download monthly statements, and look up transaction history. 

    • To get access, fill out the top half of the Web User Access Request form, have an authorized signer sign it and email to lgip@aztreasury.gov.​

    • To remove access to the online web portal, have an authorized signer email lgip@aztreasury.gov and request that the individual's access be removed. 


Please note: Having access to the online access portal does not grant authorized signing power.



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