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Financial Literacy Task Force


Treasurer Kimberly Yee appointed Arizona’s first-ever Task Force on Financial Literacy, aimed at making sure all Arizonans will have the opportunity to attain proficiency in basic money management. This 17-member Task Force is taking the steps to bring resources to students, seniors, military veterans and vulnerable populations who need help with managing their money across our great state. The State Treasurer's Financial Literacy Task Force examines the landscape of financial literacy across Arizona’s communities and identify opportunities for improvement. 

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The Task Force is the next step in Treasurer Yee’s longstanding advocacy to increase financial literacy in Arizona. As a member of the Arizona Legislature, she passed laws requiring the state’s K-12 academic standards to include financial literacy and established a seal of financial literacy on diplomas that may be earned by graduating high school seniors. As chaired by Treasurer Yee, the Financial Literacy Task Force has led initiatives to:

  • Require Arizona high schools to teach financial education before graduation (Laws 2019, Chapter 84) 

  • Establish the Treasurer’s Financial Literacy Fund and require the Treasurer to promote financial literacy to Arizona residents (Laws 2020, Chapter 76)

  • Allow families in the TANF program to use financial education to help meet their work requirements (Laws 2020, Chapter 23)

  • Advance opportunities for families to access 529 College Savings Plans (Laws 2020, Chapter 88)

Mission Statement

To advance financial literacy throughout the state of Arizona, ensuring all Arizonans have the opportunity to attain proficiency in basic money management.

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