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FOX10 Features Winner from AZ529 Future Careers Art Contest

Updated: May 23

PHOENIX - A crowd of proud parents and kids ready to celebrate.

The room of dreamers put pencil to paper and drew their perfect job, and for third-grader Dani Peterson, that's an exotic veterinarian.

"I was fascinated with creatures then learned if you were an exotic vet, you could take care of these creatures, so I really want to be an exotic vet," she said.

Dani drew her future office and with her mom's help, submitted it to the AZ529 Future Careers Art Contest. Dani's mom wasn't surprised by what she picked.

"She's had millipedes, she's had snakes – all types of normal, aside from dogs and cats," Amanda Peterson said.

Dani won not only the certificate at the state capitol but put into a 529 plan in her name.

"The $529 allows them to open up an education saving plan, so they can have money for college or higher education opportunities like workforce development," Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee said.

Yee says the money can grow tax-free and can be used for education expenses when she gets older.

"Room and board, books, tuition, all of those things covered in those savings," Yee added.

"It's always good to start somewhere," Amanda Peterson said. "We probably haven't been as good as we should have been."

Dani was blown away by the win.

"I was just kind of shocked because I kinda doubted myself winning, so I didn't know what to say," she said.

The future vet says she's put aside a few allowances already but admits this is much more than the piggy bank has in it right now.

"This is a lot more than I probably have," she said.

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