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Arizona students, art contest winners are $529 closer to their dream job

Updated: 17 hours ago

By Jordan Bontke | ABC 15

It’s never too early to start saving for your student’s higher education.

A group of young Arizona artists got a head start on their savings through an art contest.

At just seven years old, Inayah, of Chandler, didn’t hesitate when asked about her dream job.

Even when Arizona’s Treasurer Kimberly Yee asked, Inayah said she wanted to be a teacher. Yee’s face lit up and said, “A teacher just like my mom was for many years.”

The prompt for the art Inayah did came from the Arizona Treasurer's Office.

Yee asked all Arizona kindergarten through sixth-grade students to share what their dream job would be and how they’ll reach that goal.

Of the under 350 submissions, 14 young artists were selected from all corners of the state by the treasurer’s office.

Like Theodore, a kindergartner, who wanted to pour concrete with construction workers, and Owen, who wants to take his Red Mountain art beyond his tribal school.

Olivia drove all the way from Globe to the Executive Tower on Tuesday to be one step closer to being a marine biologist.

“Most of the ocean hasn’t been explored yet,” said Olivia.

No matter the dream job, paying for the education to make it happen takes a little help.

So as part of their prize, each of the young artists received a $529 check to put into their Arizona 529 savings plan.

The savings plan is open to all family members who contribute.

There’s a $2,000 tax deduction per child or $4,000 if you’re a married couple.

So as Inayah pursues her dream job, she may one day look back at this art as how it all started.

“I want to be just like my mom because she’s a teacher,” she said.


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